Estate Sale: 3 Reasons to have an estate sale!

Posted by Rainbow Staff on 2013-06-21 22:22:38 MDT

Do you need a company to liquidate?


You're probably not sure if you should have a liquidation sale or not, and while its not right for some circumstances, there are benefits to hiring a company.




1. It will take the burden off your shoulders. You can literally walk away and a liquidation company will handle it all. No worries. 

2. A company will have extensive knowledge on the price of your items. You can trust you arent selling something too cheap or too much and scaring off the public.

3. Whatever estate company you hire will have contacts. They will have lists of people who are ready to buy and know how to get the public in to quickly liquidate your things.


If you should find these qualites appealing you can call the number on our site and we will be more than happy to assist you in all your estate liquidation needs.

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Estate Sale: 3 Reasons to go hit estate sales!

Posted by Rainbow Staff on 2013-06-19 23:57:45 MDT

Estate sales have never been so popular!


If you don't already know about estate sales, you should. There is a very large following of people who regularly visit these events and are reaping the benefits you aren't. To try and persuede you here are...


1. Unlike common garage sales, estate sales are conducted inside the home. Meaning you are sheltered from the heat, rain, or cold.

2. Items may be secondhand but are unlikely to be found else where. Find unique and one of a kind steals at estate sales.

3. Speaking of steals, you wont find a deal as good anywhere else. Pay less than half for an item in like new condition than paying retail. 

Now seeing as how you must be chomping at the bit to go to an estate sale by this point, you are probably wondering where to find them and lucky for you, you can hear about upcoming estate sales right in your inbox. Simply subscribe at the bottom of this page and you'll be a regular in no time.


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